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Like a ninja,the car runs lightly,

Kaga Hyakumane stone castle town Kanazawa Uchikawa village Kikuizumura village There was a ninja who painted large sawdust of the biggest big tree on the bottom of the foot and ran lightly to the capital of Kyoto,Shimoi Shimame who had been hanging over 50 People ninja group called Maeda family Musume group ,I confined the large sawdst of the big tree in silicone rubber,

When installed,the engine sound became smooth,and the torgue became a feeling that it

incrased,I will run as if the car body feels light,

After installation,the combustion efficiency improves,fuel efficiency,power,acceleration also

improves,I want to step on the accelerator more than usual,but if you step on the accelerator,

the fuel efficiency will also deteriorate and the effect will also halve,please be careful


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