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How to improve fuel economy

Fuel turns into heat when burnd The ratio of thermal efficiency regarded as Combustion efficiency 100% Effective power 30% Cooling loss 30% Exhaust loss 30% Machine loss 10% Increase the amount of heat generated by the air reformer and the fuel reformer,and increase the effective power by 10% If the calorific Value of fuel is large, the amount of fuel supplied is small and the fuel consumption rate is small


  • Safety This Product does not worry about infringing all kinds of parts and seals, and there is no harm to the human body

Each part


Air reformer

Receive the thermal energy of the engine,decompose the air into H hex ion to increase combustion power,

Mounting place Band with a hand to the hose between the air cleaner case and the inlet manifold,

Size Length 90mm Width 45mm Height 10mm Weight 26g

Silicon Rubber,Components are sawdust





  Fuel reformer

Receiving thermal energy from the engine,oxygen is attached to the alkane bond of the fuel, making it peroxidic and making it bum easily,

Mounting Place Band with a fuel hose in front of the injector in the engine room,

Size Length 85mm Width14mm Height10mm Weight17g

Silicon Rubber component ceramic